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Youth fee set

posted Jun 15, 2017, 9:18 PM by National Regatta 28
On behalf of the Regatta Organising Committee I am pleased to announce that the youth fee for National Regatta 28 is set at NZD$510.00

As the initial batches of registrations are beginning to flow in, we will be communicating with groups on a more frequent basis about what they can expect on site and during the Regatta itself.

We have been given clearance by the executive leadership team to use OSM to manage full registrations for Regatta.  We believe there are several strong advantages to using OSM for this:
  • Critical member information is (or should be) already in the system, no need for repeated entry;
  • Easy communication to members;
  • Youth member details can be updated by parents online and we see those changes in real time.

Using OSM for an event of this scale is new ground for us as an organisation, so we'll be developing processes to ensure it is effective and efficient.

Many thanks for your support and assistance.