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Costs update

posted May 17, 2017, 5:15 PM by National Regatta 28   [ updated Dec 20, 2017, 4:53 PM by Chris Smith ]
Estimating costs and building a solid budget is one of the more difficult aspects of planning a Regatta. 

There are simply a large number of unknowns, plus some items which are new.  Each location has its specific conditions and requirements to be managed. 

The introduction of new health & safety legislation has put more focus on identifying and mitigating hazards. 

Recent large-scale events like earthquakes have brought insurance issues forward, with its own set of potential costs.

All of this is to say that reaching a final budget figure is a bit of a moving target.  Our committee have built what we believe to be a fair and reasonable budget, and this is in the process of going to NEC for approval.  Until approved at that level, we cannot say exactly what the final youth cost figure will be.  It will, however, be over $500.

An initial registration spreadsheet was posted earlier today for contingents to complete and return back to us by 30 June.  In it, we are requesting a $100 deposit fee.  This is a 'standard' deposit for most major events.

As part of the budgeting, we have decided to reduce the adult leader fee down to $100 from $125.  You, along with us, are already giving generously of your time and energy to the youth and your groups; to charge you for the privilege seems rather harsh.  We would like to have gone to $0 for adult leaders but felt it would have been quite a shock to the budget and possibly affected attendance to a great degree.  Perhaps in time we can get there...